We have experience and knowledge managing core banking implementations and front projects.

Replacing core systems has generated a clichéd analogy — most often comparing it to changing the engines on a jet during flight. Over the past years, we gained deep knowledge how to manage such projects. Our leadership gets projects and programs on track and accelerates the implementation of your strategy and the achievement of your results.

We can support you in the following disciplines:

·  Stakeholder Management

·  Risk Management

·  Issues Management

·  Ressource Management

·  Task Management

·  Quality Management

·  Project and Change Control

·  Project Team Management




Key success

Over the past years, we successfully managed several implementation projects. We realized that what worked in one project might not work in another or the next one. We know that there is no causality between the project situations and therefore no recipes.

Nevertheless we identified three key success factors:


All Stakeholders, the Product Owner, and the project team collaborate easily. It's essential that each iteration runs smoothly.

Constant focus on business value

The Product Owner concentrates on what the desired business outcomes are and ensures these are communicated clearly to the delivery team. The outcomes are reassessed continuously and feedback from the customer is key at the end of each iteration.

Appropriate level of quality

It's essential to ensure an appropriate level of quality assurance during the project.


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