We are constructing custom tailored software solutions from the very well crafted back-end to the front-end.

We are your partner for back-end (Avaloq Core Platform), web, and mobile development projects. Our services go beyond pure code development. We are looking for challenges and we provide cutting-edge solutions to make your idea a success.

You have an incredible Idea? We are your partner.


Success Factors for Development

Our success in custom software development depends on choosing the right methodology and an innovative environment.

We are convinced that our values and flat organisation in projects supports innovation. We listen, stay open, and collaborate with groups outside of our organisation to bring in new perspectives.

We give open feedback in every stage of the development lifecycle:

This helps to

  • clarify our understanding of the requirements,

  • correct our course,

  • learn during the process,

  • make us and our work better.

Whether you follow specific Agile practices or not, feedback early and often is a critical component of being more successful.

We develop with passion and joy.


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